About The Book:

On location in Blairstown: The Making of Friday the 13th covers the creation, planning and filming of the iconic 1980 film, Friday the 13th in a way that no other film has been documented before. Through the memories of the cast and crew, many speak for the first (and last) time, as well as previously-undiscovered production information and materials, On location in Blairstown takes the reader "on location" and back in time to 1979 for the filming of Friday the 13th and behind the scenes for all of the adventures, conflicts and dramas that went into the making of one of the most enduring and popular horror films in history.

Praise For On Location

"Plainly put, if the first Friday the 13th is your film, you need to own this book.  Grove left no stone unturned.  With On Location in Blairstown, David Grove has uncovered every single aspect of an iconic horror film.  For Friday the 13th fans, reading it is a given...a worthy read that captures the career trajectory of a director, and how he just happened to create one of cinema's greatest roller coaster rides." - DeathEnsemble.com 

 "The book's great! Read it straight through in two days. Feel I knew maybe 2%. Truly fascinating read." - Mark Wheaton


"This is the type of book I always hope for but rarely find...extraordinary job." - Terry Wickham, mantaraypictures.com


"A must-have for Friday the 13th completists and horror film fans alike." - CINEMA RETRO

"It's the definitive, behind-the-scenes look at the ultimate summertime slasher movie, and fans of the series, and of the genre in general, will not be disappointed....9/10." - JoBlo.com 

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