About The Book

The Killer and I, a behind the scenes journal about the making of Kane Hodder’s biography, Unmasked, is now its own book!  The journals started out as a way to give fans a updates on the book’s progress.  Originally it was planned that a few entries would be put in the back of Unmasked as bonus material. The more Kane got Mike into crazy situations, the more he wrote about his journey.  As the entries gained popularity and started to build up, fans asked for them to be put into one collection so they could read them all... well they got their wish!  The Killer and I is now a full book!

Not only does the book contain all the entries posted online, it also contains new material that has never been seen before. 

*The Killer & I is now a web-series starring Kane and Mike!  Be sure to check it out: The Killer & I Web-Series

Check back soon for information on the sequel!

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